The blood of Donbass is now on Trump’s hands

Donetsk and Lugansk are again under fierce attack from the U.S.-funded and -armed Ukrainian junta. Civilians and troops are being killed again in greater numbers near the front line as the Ukrainian fascists and military try to advance.

School in Makeyevka

Students and teachers in bomb shelter after School №32 in Makeyevka was shelled by Ukraine Jan. 30.

Many people in the capital of Donetsk are without electricity and running water in the dead of winter. A school and hospital in Makeyevka were targeted by Ukraine on January 30. Overnight, Ukrainian forces launched more than 100 GRAD rockets at Yasinovataya. Apartment buildings and homes in Donetsk city have been shelled for several days. Two hundred miners at the Zasyadko coalmine are trapped underground after electricity was knocked out by Ukrainian shelling. Officials in Donetsk have ordered the evacuation of the capital’s Kiyevsky district because of the ongoing attacks.

After assuming the presidency on January 20, Donald Trump acted quickly to enforce repressive measures against poor and working people at home. He was quick to ban legal residents and visitors from returning to the U.S. based on their religion and country of origin. He was quick to announce plans for “secure zones” in Syria in violation of Syrian sovereignty. He was quick to stand behind a massacre carried out on his watch by U.S. military forces in Yemen that killed more than 30 people, including children.

Donald Trump claims he wants better relations with Russia. But has he taken any steps to stop Ukrainian attacks in Donbass? He has not said a word. Even the lifting of sanctions on Russia is now “not a sure thing,” according to Trump.

School in Makeyevka

Apartment complex in Donetsk shelled by Ukrainian forces January 29. Photo: DONi News

The deaths and destruction being carried out by Kiev are war crimes. And the blood is on Trump’s hands just as much as Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s.

Under Obama, we demanded that the U.S. stop its bloody proxy war in Donbass. And now, under Trump, we demand that the U.S. stop its bloody proxy war in Donbass.

Then and now, we say: End funding, arming and political protection to the Kiev regime! End the sanctions against Russia and Donbass! Recognize Crimea as part of the Russian Federation! Recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics! Reparations for the rebuilding of the war torn Donbass!

Solidarity with Novorossiya & Antifascists in Ukraine
International Action Center
January 31, 2017

Support The Children of Donbass

Demonstration at the United Nations On International Human Rights Day December 10, 2016 expressing solidarity with the children of Donbass Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk to demand ending military and economic war upon them by the US and Ukrainian governments. Letters of the children are read aloud. Event organized by the International Action Center, IACENTER.ORG.

Children of Donbass Write to the World

Join us on International Human Rights Day:
Saturday, December 10 – 11 am to 12 Noon
Ralph Bunche Park (across from United Nations headquarters)
42 E. 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

Facebook event page:

“In the evening, my mother collected warm clothes, documents, took water, and we went down to sleep in the basement. It was very damp and cold. Now I dream of the smell of the damp cellar at night,” Dima, 12 years old.

“There was no light, no water. I had to walk to the village of Roskoshnoye for it. It was scary. For the first month I didn’t sleep. I hugged my cat at night and cried. Kitty was also afraid,” Daniel, 12 years old.

“I wanted to shout to the whole world! Screaming in fear for my city, friends and family … I hope no one else ever experiences these horrible feelings! I want to have peace in the world!” Lyuba, 11 years old.

Join us at United Nations Headquarters on International Human Rights Day as we raise our voices in solidarity with the children of Donbass and demand that the Ukrainian and U.S. governments end their military and economic war on people in Donetsk and Lugansk.

Since June, youth organizers in the independent Donbass Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk have gathered hundreds of letters from children and teens about their experiences under war and blockade imposed by the U.S.-backed regime in Ukraine. The letters will be presented to representatives of the United Nations in Europe.

We will have copies of some letters translated to English. Activists against the war in Donbass will speak, as well as youth who will make connections between the war on children in the U.S. and abroad.

Youth need money for public education, housing and healthcare, an end to police brutality, Islamophobia and deportations, not wars and blockades targeting children in Donbass, Syria, Yemen and other countries!

Afterward, we encourage people to join in other important International Human Rights Day actions, including the Rally to Free All Political Prisoners in Harlem:

International Action Center
Solidarity with Novorossiya & Antifascists in Ukraine
147 W. 24 St., Fl. 2, New York, NY  10011

Solidarity with Ukraine Antifascists Committee

Today, the brave activists who pulled down the statue in Durham, NC are starting their trial. So far, several victories have already been won as the original felony charges have been dropped to misdemeanors.

These victories were won through protests, organizing, and the people. Therefore, we must continue to stand up for these anti-racist fighters!

If you're in Durham, please pack the courtroom. If you're out of town, please call in! Details are included below.

To learn more, please visit the following:

#DefendDurham #DoItLikeDurham
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Today, the brave activists who pulled down the statue in Durham, NC are starting their trial. So far, several victories have already been won as the original felony charges have been dropped to misdem...

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